Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ivy League Education

My cousin has a PhD in physics and, is without a doubt the smartest person I have ever met.  When the economy tanked, his job disappeared and he had a hard time finding a new one.  As a stop gap measure he took a job teaching general science at a local high school.  Science was his forte so he figured the job would be a piece of cake.  Boy was he wrong.  His Bonx High School of Science, Columbia and Yale University educations had done nothing to prepare him for the type of students he was now teaching.  He had no idea kids like these even existed.  His well thought out lessons and superior knowledge did not keep the classroom from ending up in shambles.

Chaz wrote a lost about inexperienced teachers and TFA.   High grades and fancy schools does not make a good teacher, or even a barely satisfactory one.

(My cousin has since gone back to private sector where he is working as a well paid, well respected physicist.)

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