Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Despicable But That Is Nothing New

Bloomberg is supporting "microscopic" apartments in the city to make city dwelling more affordable for young people.  BS!  He wants more apartments per square foot to increase revenue for land owners.  These young people will be here for a short time and leave.  He should be looking into more affordable housing for families that will stay and help the city grow.

He is despicable, but that is nothing new.

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burntoutteacher said...

And like the tyrant he is, he even circumvented housing laws to do it. After the horrible conditions in the first part of the last century, reformers were able to get laws passed about the minimal size of apartments. People don't do well living in closets. (Note that these apartments have no closets -- I can't see my 20-something daughter living in an apartment with nowhere to put her clothes!)