Saturday, January 26, 2013

Differential Equations

is it too early for math jokes?
From a former student's Facebook page.
This girl was a student of mine my last year at Packemin.  She was one of the students who originally was not going to take AP calculus, or even any calculus class because the tight budget only permitted two classes and her previous scores were not good enough to make it in.  When I realized there were a lot of kids in her position, I gave up the double period, promised to do extra tutoring and took on a third class.  While  her grades weren't great, she got a great foundation and, more importantly, she developed a love of math.  She is currently in her second year of an engineering school doing well.
If the classes hadn't been changed, this young woman might not be where she is today.  The AP said these kids weren't important in the whole scheme of things.  These kids weren't taking exams that counted in the schools ratings.  The system made him forget what education is all about.

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