Thursday, January 24, 2013

Clapping, Bitchy Chihuahua

The bull dog had enough and decided to retire.  The chihuahua, the one he helped and defended for years sat behind her desk and clapped as he walked out the door.  The bull dog had the final word.  He turned around, looked her straight in the eyes and called her a bitch. 
Everyone in the kennel hates the chihuahua.  She was hired because her lack of morals allow her to do whatever her boss asks.  She has surrounded herself with young pups who obey her every command.  But, they agree with the bull dog and think she is a bitch.  One day they will find a way to rise up against her tyranny and they will be the ones clapping as she walks out the door.


Robert Rendo said...

Dear Madame Pissed Off,

I am compelled to inform you that your little canine sound bite of news is alarmingly hysterical, acerbic, truthful, and contains the sort of unkind, unabashed imagery that only but a bad school official understands.

What is it about some of these stray dogs that they never learn? Do they need obedience school? A tighter collar? Rabies shots? Neutering?

In this day and age of ingratitude, I and so many of your readers wish to thank you for your appropriately mean spirited discourse on these untame, fang ridden bite-is-as-bad-as-their-bark animals.

In the parlance of perked up ears, nails gone awry, begging at the table, howling at the moon, and doing distasteful, rhythmic things to the coffee table and people's lower legs, may I politely suggest that we all continue to advocate for putting the careers of perhaps the most vicious dogs, known as the bloomberg and duncan breeds, to sleep. After all, not all dogs are man's best friend.

Many veterinarian nationwide await . . .

Robert Rendo

Magnolia Girl said...

Your stories about your bitchy Chihuahua remind me of someone I used to work with..there is always 1 or 2 of those in a school...