Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get The Heavy Duty Aspirin Out

January 22, 2013

I would like to thank all the grade leaders for the work they did on the uniform exams. 
I would like to remind everyone of the following when giving grades for this quarter.

For the students who only showed up for one part of the mid year exam due to a good cause absence, please prorate the part of the final they took and calculate the average if you wish to pass them, provided they had been passing. Please leave the exam field blank.  But if a student gets 38 out of 40 on Part II and their average is below 90, I would not count the final that heavily since students tend to do better on the long part. For the student who cut part of the final or the student had been failing, you should put down the part of the exam score and calculate their average.  By the way, please make sure you enter mid year exam grades of all other students under the exam column. 
In order for you to pass a student, one of the two grades, the class average and the mid year exam grade, has to be higher than 65.  No students who failed the mid year exam with a failing average should pass a class because the grade we give is a performance indicator.  In some extreme cases, the only exam a student was able to pass was the mid year exam.  A grade of 55 might be prudent.  If a student’s average is in the low 60’s and the student has passed some exams during the term, s/he can be given a grade of 65 provided their mid year exam grade is at least 65.  For students with a passing average who failed the mid year exam with grades higher than 57, you can give a grade of 65.  For students whose final grades are below 57, a grade of 55 should be given and use the comments 24 and 10 (for Regents classes only).  You should speak to the parent and let them know about the failing grade, particularly if you passed these students before. If a student is absent more than 15 times and you wish to issue a passing grade, please make sure you speak to me first.  Such students certainly did not participate in class while they were out. There are many effective teachers in our department, but we do need the students to sit in their seats in order for us to teach them.  A student who did not complete all the homework should have their grade lowered.  However, do not fail a student because s/he was allowed not to do homework if they have a passing average.  The question you should ask yourself is “Did I communicate with the parents regarding missing homework assignments?”  We are annualized.  There is really no difference between a grade of 55 or 65.  When a student passes the Regents exam and the final exam in June, we will pass them in the course provided they meet all other requirements.  You have to decide on the 55 or 65 based on how much harder they will work when they see the grade.  After all, you know your students.

You can use the last quarter’s grades if it helps your students. Please do not use a grade of 60.  You can use CR or NC in electives only.
If you have additional questions, please speak to me before you send in your grades. Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

That's one of the most incoherent, disjointed, illogical pieces of writing I've
ever seen.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why a memo like this is permitted to be sent out? Don't administrators have standards too?

Disgusted Diva said...

Literacy, professional knowledge, or the ability to clearly communicate in the English language are not qualifications for administrative jobs. The abilities to lie, harass, and bully are.

ChiTown Girl said...

WTF?! I can see how this moron became an administrator. He surely doesn't belong in a classroom!