Thursday, January 31, 2013

Let's Be Friends Now That I No Longer Have A Need To Abuse You

Teacher  said...
I thought I would pass along the goodbye letter my former principal sent out last week after her resignation:

Dear Staff:

I can't believe after 9 years the time here has come to an end. Many of us have become friends, and many of us are here as acquaintances. I know we don't always get along. I know I can be a bitch. I am a bitch because I know you can do it. I know you can always try harder. I know that I pushed you because you can do it. I have enjoyed mentoring all of you over the years and look forward to staying in contact in the future. You can find me on facebook under my name. We can now be friends since I am not your boss. I feel like a mother to so many of you.

I thank you for your allowing me into your lives over the past years. It is you that has helped prepare me for my new experience in life.

My cell phone is ***********

Call me for anything you need. I don't bite. I only bite food.


Former Principal

That is what my former boss sent out over district email a few weeks back - only thing changed was the phone number and left out her name.

Teacher sent me this letter and truthfully, it made me sick, and here's why.

Teachers are adults.  They have their own mothers and don't need another one, especially one at work.  My former AP considered himself every one's father and that did not work out well.  As for the pushing, if her pushing made her a bitch, then she pushed way to hard.  Teachers are not athletes, they are human beings and their endurance does not need testing.  This former principal might have enjoyed working with her staff but I wonder how many, if any, enjoyed working with her.  As for her new experience in life, slave task master is no longer a valid occupation so heaven only knows what she will do now.  From the sound of this letter, I am sure the teachers at this school must be having a party.


Magnolia Girl said...

this sounds more like explaining and rationalizing why she was being a bitch more than apologizing 'for being a bitch'..

even with that being said, I did chuckle a little bit to this letter. Seems as if this AP is 'out of touch' with reality on what people really think of her. Sounds like she needs a reality check

Mike said...

It was a laughable goodbye. The woman has only been gone about a two weeks, and already there is a sigh of relief. We have an interim until a new principal is picked. Everyone feels like they can be friends and doesn't have to fend for themselves. Teachers who never went to the lunchroom now will. Teachers are suddenly willing to do after school tutoring because she is not there telling us "she's not paying for us, and can't have kids on campus after school because it is a liability issue."

We all went out and celebrated the day she left.

Mike said...

And might I add the worst admin always end up getting promoted? She is moving to the state level with a state education position.