Saturday, January 21, 2012

Use Them And Abuse Them

Several years ago, in an effort to get rid of high paid senior teachers, the state offered the 55-25 plan to encourage early retirement.  They needed our money to stay afloat and they wanted to lighten their payrolls.

Now the state is trying  to raise retirement age and do away with pensions.  In the interest of saving money, they want new workers to be unable to retire and collect.

They will just keep dumping on the us little people, using us to solve all their problems.


NYC Educator said...

I bought into 55-25, at this stage of my career, kind of as a cheap insurance plan. But I still love teaching, despite all the nonsense that swirls around it, and I expect to stick around as long as I can. That, hopefully, will irritate these demagogue slimeballs engaged 24/7 in degrading and ruining not only our profession, but our country.

Schoolgal said...

That 55-25 deal was a God-send to many teachers especially to those on Tier 3 and above.