Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memo_012 Part III

Please get familiar with your class rosters so that you know roughly how many freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.  If you teach MM!PPC (Pre-cal), you should not have any seniors in your class.  If you teach MG21, your best students are probably freshmen or sophomores.  And if you teach MR21, your best students should be sophomores and your weakest students are probably seniors.  In other words, the more freshmen you have in MG21 and more sophomores you have in MR21, the higher the passing percentage should be.  Please make sure you also know how many students have an IEP in your classes and who are entitled to extra time and separate locations for taking exams.  You should also follow the recommendations in the IEP.
Imagine, the best students, the ones you  should expect the most from can be determined by their year in school.  If you have seniors in your trig class, don't expect much from them.  It is not probable that a child who has not advanced to be bright.  But, if your stats are bad, don't use any of the above as an excuse.  Just call the parent and maybe they can change the child's birth date to make them younger and smarter.


Gratefully Retired said...

"Please make sure you also know how many students have an IEP in your classes and who are entitled to extra time and separate locations for taking exams. You should also follow the recommendations in the IEP."

Rest assured those "recommendations" were based on the lies of an obedient chihuahua-like supervisor. A 70 IQ learns at the rate of a 70 IQ, not at the rate of a contrived "recommendation". You could stuff 15 "ISS" teachers into the general education class, (known most recently as ICT classes) and thatstill doesn't change how these kids learn. It is despicable how the "IEP" kids are treated. They are no more than commodities to be relabeled as general education students not because it's educationally sound for them, but because it makes the "school" look good. To reclassify these kids as ready for a general education setting is criminal. They are just set up to fail. The DOE just does not want to spend the necessary money to keep these kids in the smaller classes that they used to be entitled to via the IEP's. The latter are useless since anyone, such as a supervisor with access, can go into the SESIS IEP system and change original teachers' recommendations.

Anonymous said...

This post is too funny. After a long, tiring, stressful day at PackeminHS- I needed this! CANT STOP LAUGHING!

Hope you enjoyed your Birthday and you are having a GREAT time!

Pissed Off said...

Gratefully retired, you must remember that Mr. AP was the one who never wanted kids to have different testing locations. He was the one who always accused them of cheating when they did well on an exam.

Gratefully Retired said...

Yes, and those kids were the ones already in the general education classes with support services. He thought there was a covert operation in the form of a vast cheating conspiracy in the support service class and he had to uncover it and prevent it, questioning the integrity of the support service class and the teachers involved. He violated the IEP's of those kids constantly. Mr. AP descended into a life form lower than pond scum, punishing a kid whose parents had the audacity to take the kid to a family function in another state on a finals day. He refused to allow the kid to take the second part of the test in his support service class, would not allow him to make up the first part, and refused to give him the extra time appropriately. When the parent appeared, all that changed dramatically. Mr. AP assumed that the kid wasn't worthy since he was the wrong race and had an IEP. You reminded me of this incident; Mr. AP has a hard drive, not a heart.