Sunday, January 15, 2012

One Thing I Miss

Lifted from a former student's Facebook page:

okay midterms BRING IT!! good bye to everything for now. Its just gonna be me and my buddies the textbooks!!!
Kids like her make me miss being in the classroom.  (Maybe not enough to give up a trip to Aruba for.)


NYC Educator said...

I like the kid's attitude. Admire students who take responsibility.

ReTiredbutMisstheKids said...

Stuff like this is what it's all about. That's why I miss the kids, too. I once had a student from Grades 6-8 who had self-esteem problems, but he was a WONDERFUL student, and I was so fortunate to be a witness to his growth for 3 years. He was (is) a very talented artist, & he designed a poster that said, "Stop your whining & start your winning!" He had come to that point in 8th Grade, & he came back to visit as a happy, confident high schooler who was doing well.

Sigh. Isn't this what teaching is all about?