Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Strength In Numbers

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The math department had a room full of old computers that hadn't worked for years.  The computers were covered with graffiti and made the room look awful.  Principal Fire told Mrs. Oola to get the room cleaned up.  Mrs. Oola, in turn told us we had to clean the computers.  I objected.  It is not a teacher's job to clean and the chemicals we would have had to use were toxic.  Mr. Oola (Mrs. Oola's husbaand) sat in the back of the room and gave us all his evil eye.  We stood together and refused.

Mrs. Oola solved the problem the only way she could.  She and Mr. Oola came to school on a Saturday, donned long rubber gloves and spent the day cleaning.  And this my friends, is what happens when people stick together.

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