Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This Parent Knows

I got the following e-mail friend, a parent who also happens to be a retired teacher..  Thought I'd share what parents in the know say about education.

I have to tell you Tom got an 80 on his most recent Algebra II/Trig test.  Apparently the teacher had to give the kids a 10-point curve because the results were obviously way below expectations.  So he would have gotten a 70.  All these teachers are giving the kids so many chances….gee is that real life????  He is retaking a Greek test that he got a 65 on.  The teacher e mailed us during the vacation and said that the results weren’t very good so he’s retesting the kids.  I’m not thrilled with it even though this pumps up his average.  I recall failing when I failed and that was the end of it, I had to go for extra help and study.
It's no wonder kids know nothing.  Bloomberg has done a real bang up job on education.  I bet these teachers are only doing what they have to doto keep their jobs.  How sad.


ChiTown Girl said...

Sad is the perfect word for it. Let's just hope the future bosses of these kids decided to "dumb down" their performance expectations, as well. Oy!

Ms. Tsouris said...

Teachers who aren't "newbies" do what they feel compelled to do to keep their stats up there, even if they have "average" to "below average" kids in their classes. So they test and retest and teach and reteach. What a shame that this is what "education" has become. So much for the "education" mayor. The kids slide to graduation and then are in for the shock of their lives in college, where hopefully some academic rigor still exists.