Thursday, August 04, 2011


Walking across 42nd St, I passed the Bowery Savings Bank, built in 1923.  What an amazing building!  Pictures here on Facebook.  No need to leave NY (or to even spend any money) to see some really great sites.


Anonymous said...

It is true. I was in China Town today after walking over the Manhattan Bridge (my last one, and I accomplished my goal of walking over all them) and I saw so many places, people, statues to see.

Everywhere you look, there is something.

And Fort Greene (1 end of Manhattan Bridge) is up and coming. I learned something new about the area today.

P.S. I found a great picture of a chihuahua that I need to send you through email.

Schoolgal said...

I miss the old banks with their high marbled ceilings and floors. The one in my Brooklyn neighborhood was like the inside of a mansion. As a kid I loved going there at Christmas time because their tree was as tall as their ceiling. It was knocked down many years ago. No one thought to preserve the architecture.