Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Little Mouse--Chapter 9

Little Mouse's boss had it with her.  She was always getting into something with the small mice she was in charge of.  They always caused her problems and in turn made his life hard.  They constantly ran from her to his office, complaining of some outlandish comment she made in their presence.  Mice parents had his phone ringing off the hook. 

Boss knew he had to get rid of Little Mouse.  Little Mouse had worked in his building for many years and until recently she was pretty good at her job but this last year was just too much.  He tried sending her to another place to work, hoping the change in environment would help her go back to the way she was and solve his problem at the same time.  Unfortunately, Little Mouse's contract would not allow him to do this and she did not leave.

This incident scared Little Mouse.  She did not want to lose her job.  She threw herself into her job and once again became a teacher Boss could work with.  He still did not like her but, in spite of her efforts to look young, he knew she was aging (you can't hide that sagging chin and the wrinkles around the eyes) and would soon leave on her own accord.

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