Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Little Mouse--Chapter 7

Little Mouse is always crying poverty. She is always complaining everything costs too much money. When a collection is made for a new baby or a celebration, she contributes but bitches like you wouldn't believe. You'd think she just gave up her last dollar and would now be getting her next meal from the dump behind her house.

In spite of her constant complaints, Little Mouse is rolling in money.  She lives in a fancy house in an upscale part of town.  Only the best is good enough and her house is furnished in a very upscale mode.  Since she doesn't like to part with a dime, she has her breeding partner do all construction and renovations. Unfortunately, he sometimes messes up and she does not handle this very well.  Her ranting can be heard all over the city.

Little Mouse works multiple jobs to pay for the life style she can easily afford.  She works nights and weekends and full time during the day.  Her coffers are actually running over.  Little Mouse's friends are tired of hearing her non stop whining.  They've stopped hanging out with her.

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