Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bryant Park

Getting off the subway with open eyes is something else.  You never know what wonders you will encounter even if you have been on the same street hundreds of times before.

Not having much time, I decided to get off today and 42nd and 6th--right near Bryant Park.  In the winter, the lawn is an ice rink and around Christmas, there is a beautiful tree here.

People mill around, buying food, playing cards, using the free wifi, sleeping, all under the watchful eyes of William Earl Dodge. .

The best part of this park is the "reading room" provided by HSBC. There are books, magazines, a children's section and even a reading room coordinator.  There are tables with big umbrellas and the atmosphere is delightful.  
There is even a working water fountain and a spotless bathroom.

Got my camera back.  It was an expensive lesson in being careful.  More pictures here, on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that Bryant Park Bathrooms is one of the cleanest public facilities as far as lavatories go in the city..

Enjoy Germany