Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Observations

The college I have been adjuncting with for years had a meeting today. 

A young girl who was deemed "unacceptable" to teach in the math department at Packemin is going into her second semester there.  This young woman is a Packemin graduate, did her college work in one of the most prestigious institutes in the city and student taught at Packemin.  The college thinks she is great.

We broke into rooms to discuss course specific topics.  The room I was in had 24 people.  Last term Mr. AP said he would hire a math teacher from a certain ethnic group if there were good ones available.  The room I was in had 6 quality people and the other room had several more.  It's interesting that the college can find these people but he can't.

Five people at the college are former or current Packemin teachers.  All are well liked and respected in the college.  I wish I could say the same about the high school.  More here.

(picture--window in Jewish Museum Berlin)


Anonymous said...

very interesting observation indeed!

My mentor was actually fired from her first job as a teacher from a private school back in the 1970's. Teaching is her thing and she did not give up. She eventually was hired to teach kindergarten years later in a very well known Long Island school district. This is 25+ years later (now retired) and she became one of the most respected teachers in the district (also taught first grade as well).

My advice to anyone who was told 'that they are no good, ineffective, unacceptable or any other ed deformer name" is to not give up and keep pursuing your goal. Sometimes people are in the wrong place or have different visions than the administrator. One day, the right administrator will find that teacher who was once kicked to the curb.

Anonymous said...

I am sure its nice to work in a place where you can actually express your thoughts and be heard.