Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unhealthy Environment

We pass each other without saying a word.  Everyone, even the young posse surrounding him can feel the air, dense with hostility.   The tension is so thick it can be cut with a knife.  We are polite and respectful when we do speak, when certain words must be said so our jobs can be done.  This can only be labeled survival.  It is not a healthy way to live.


Anonymous said...

Its a shame for all who have to work in such an 'unhealthy and hostile' environment.

There are actually many who probably can not work in an environment due to physical and emotional stressors.

Anonymous said...

To me this is a blessing in disguise.

He knows that if he says one thing that can be construed as abusive, he is in trouble. He probably is biting his tongue every time he passes you by. Believe it or not, you are the victor here and can politely simile as you pass knowing his digs towards you can never be spoken again.

While this may not be the most pleasant of atmospheres, what he used to say to you was far worse.
If he has another target, if will have to think twice knowing he was already reported for his offenses.

Next time you pass him, be proud that you had the courage to stand up to him and may have saved another teacher too.

btw, whenever I see my former principal, I walk right passed her. I refuse to give her any greeting and she is forced to come to me. SWEET!!