Friday, January 07, 2011

Fifteen Minutes

For 15 minutes every day, Bobby is my star student.  After that, he loses it.  He starts fooling around with whoever is next to him and the pen in his hand is used for everything but math.  Nothing seems to keep him on target for much longer.  Yesterday, I hit upon a solution, a solution that won't cost any money--20 minute classes.  (It takes him 5 minutes to settle down so the five minutes extra are necessary.) The only way to deal with the hyper active is to keep them moving.


Anonymous said...

I am getting the picture that sometimes teaching HS students are similar to working with 4 year olds....they constantly need to be move around.

Anonymous said...

There's a group, not the toughest, but somewhere in between, for whom a break around the 20 minute mark is a good and worthwhile thing. What sort of break?

- a change in activity
- moving desks around
- a (please please please) brief, off-topic discussion

I do it. It helps.

Pissed Off said...

Good idea but once my kids get off topic or start to move, they never get back again. I can't do breaks in the middle with this group.