Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Suit Is Playing Games

It seems that an ATR with a certain license is needed to teach a certain class. The ATR would be given three classes in the license the ATR holds and two other subjects to teach. The catch: The ATR will still be considered an ATR. Principal Suit told the teacher that if this is mentioned to the union, all deals are off.

Question: Should this threatening to the union be reported? And, if it is, how will this affect the ATR's future in the school?

Question: Should the ATR accept the job under these conditions? What consequences come by taking or not taking for future employment?

Question: How can other teachers, knowing this is going on, go to Suit's retirement party and congratulate him on the good job he has done?


rita said...

This is a tough one. Suit benefits if the ATR accepts but what is he offering the ATR? Did he say if you do a good job I'll take you off ATR status?. The ATR will have 2 or 3 preps, work hard,prepare lesson plans and tests, work open school night and still be an ATR. SUIT IS OFFERING NOTHING.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

This is a disgrace!! I rather be in the rubber room!

Anonymous said...

No way should ATR accept. It's the worst status to have.

Suit knows he will lose otherwise would have never made the offer.

Suit is on his way out, ATR should show some backbone.

As for the other teachers, either they don't like ATR or you work with idiots. The union rep sounds like he was in on this.

ATR should go straight to the your DR or Queens UFT Rep. Make an appointment or call.

If he doesn't, he's an idiot!!!


Pissed Off said...

My school is so big that no one knows what is going on unless you happen to share a lunch period. The other teachers aren't all idiots, they are just uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Then why isn't a newsletter going into teacher's mailbox, or someone calling a meeting. Do you all have an address list of staff?
Besides you, who else is upset?


Pissed Off said...

This all came about today. We'll have to see where it leads. I'm hoping the cc gets involved since he is a good friend of this ATR.