Sunday, September 14, 2008

E-Mail From Mr. AP

Ladies and gentlemen:

Good morning. I would like to let you know that if you are free 4th period, you might get a new class fourth period on Monday, provided you will not have four classes in a row. I should be able to let you know later on today.

Thank you.
1. I guess you guys don't deserve upper case letters like us ladies do!

2. It is now Sunday, 9:38 PM. There is has been no follow up on the e-mail. No one knows which teacher is getting the new class or what subject it will be.

3. I know it can't be me. I already have a fourth period that cannot be touched.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Never check work related e-mails at home during your off hours!
We don't work in a corporate environment and we don't get paid the big bucks to be avaliable 24/7.

On vacation in the Amazon rain forsest I was asked by a fool of an AP why I didn't respond to him via e-mail while I was on vacation. I told him I did not have a lap top or internet access in the jungle which was not true but I'll be dammed if I am going to e-mail my AP about school matters on vacation and in the jungle!

For heaven's sakes your weekends are yours to take care of yourself.

Pissed Off said...

You are right I check my regular e-mail but not my school account. I should ignore certain correspondences.

Pissed Off said...
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