Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Union Suit Comes A Callin'

Union Suit found his way to Packemin HS today. He found his way to the cafeteria as that is where three of the ATRs and the guy one U rating away from the rubber room, were dining. [These are my favorite lunchtime companions.] Union Suit was smiling and and shaking hands and he could definitely have won the Mr. Congeniality Award.

The ATRs were glad he showed up but were skeptical as to the value of his mission. He first asked to speak to Ms. E privately and they steppped into the hallway. Ms. E returned a few minutes later and said that Union Suit told her she could proceed with her grievance (she received a U rating last year) but the union never wins those grievances so she really shouldn't bother. Next he called Mr. T into the hallway. Mr. T returned and said nothing. I know he didn't hear anything positive about his future. Union Suit made the error of coming back with Mr. T. That was when I opened my mouth:

Pod: What is the union doing about the ATR situation?

Union Suit: Randi tried to make a statement. All the papers would publish was a short paragraph. Here is her entire response. [Handed us a paper with her little speech.]

POd: That isn't good enough. Why doesn't the union take out ads in newspapers and on television to let the public know the truth.

Union Suit: The media won't let us give our side.

POd: You can pay for ads. Spend some of our dues to help fellow teachers. Use Mentor ATR as your poster child. Mentor ATR was one of the highest regarded teachers in the school before Mentor left here.

Union Suit: I'll relay the message to Randi and see what she says.

With that Union Suit tried to make a quick get away. The last ATR, Ms. J, managed to grab his attention and he was forced to acknowledge her existence.

I have a feeling it will be a while before Union Suit returns! Hopefully he will relay the messages, loud and clear.


Chaz said...

I believe I know who union suit is and I coined a phrase that he is known by. "He is a non-swimmer in deep water".

The union suit represented one of my fellow teachers in a disciplinary meeting and was totally unprepared. Further, he never fights for a teacher when a principal pulls a teacher out of the building.

Fidgety said...

Before I read Chaz's comment, I was guessing that I too, knew who it was...Perhaps they are all the same???

Anonymous said...

You know, for UFT president I would have no problem voting for Palin.


NYC Educator said...

I wouldn't either. The smartest person in the room is the UFT Prez, yet she makes one outrageous error after another, and appears to lack the vision to see what ought to be obvious to anyone.

ed notes online said...

"I'll relay the message to Randi" is the mantra. Didn't she turn over the Chief Operating job to Mike Mulgrew? Where is he? When asked what the COO job description was a secretary in bowels of the UFT said, "Darned if I know. I'll get back to you."