Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Hold Over Them

Everyone in my school who manages to learn 30% of the material taught in class passes. Principal Suit changes every failing grade to a passing one.

You can earn a term's work by attending boot camp school for one week. Don't want to work in class during the year? No Big deal.

What is the point of doing any work in class? What hold do teachers have over these kids?


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

I may not be politically correct here but I feel I have to say this.
African-American and Latino students that feel they are "getting over" by getting a high school diploma that means nothing are fools. They will not be in New York City for too long as they will have to move out and live in "right to work states" that have no unions, the standard of living is much lower and the police are much more hostile. I know I have heard from my former students who have recieved a "bum education" and that is what they report to me a couple of years after they leave HS with a worthless piece of paper but hey they attended a beautiful graduation ceremony and their families were proud and the turds of principals and APs delivered speeches on what a milestone it is to graduate with a HS diploma.

It has always been my mission to educate my students on the "big picture". It has always been my mission to impart to my students the value of hardwork, punctuality and above all good manners. Some listen and learn most don't!

No student gets over by learning 30% of the material in a class. They have defeated themselves and put themselves further behind the other groups that come here to learn, work hard and make something of themselves.

The adminstrators that allow and promote a situation where a teacher is repremanded for telling students the truth about what they will face if they fail to learn as much as they can is doing harm to our city and our country. I don't know how they sleep at night. On second thought I do know--it is the way they were raised!

Chaz said...

What a pity. Is it any wonder that 80% of the NYC high school graduates who go to CUNY's CC's must first take remedial courses.

Anonymous said...

Well, from what I've been reading, sound likes Suit is taking a page from Palin. If you know @ 30% of the issues effecting our country, you are qualified to lead.

It also sounds like Suit set you up with some of the worst kids ever. Make sure he leaves before you do so he can't take credit.
I thought this was going to be his last week??

On another matter, here is an ABC poll regarding Bloomberg seeking a third term. I hope your readers Vote NO!!!



Pissed Off said...

I'm not being set up. I have a reputation as being good with the difficult kids. Unfortunately, it is not working this term and frankly, I don't care.

Suit told another teacher he has no plans on leaving. He likes what he does too much. He is going to be around as a mentor to the new Suit. Lucky us!