Saturday, September 20, 2008

You Don't Have To Be Around A Long Time To Be Unwanted

Billy appears to be the teacher all schools are looking for. She is a teaching fellow, a 40 something change of career teacher. She is bright and enthusiastic and wants to teach and change the world.

Billy is also an ATR. She had the misfortune to be sent to my school. Mr. AP took one look at her and said "I have no job for you. Leave." [Mr. AP went out on his own and hired three brand new teenie bopper teachers.] Billy was stunned. She had so been looking forward to teaching and was excited to have been placed in Packemin HS as it is reputed to be a good school and it is close to home for her. Billy did not know what to do. Luckily, the ISS department found a spot for her.

Billy is working hard and enjoying every minute of her day. She knows she has a lot to learn and has asked for a mentor. Mr. AP said no! [He provided mentors for the teenie boppers.] A few of us have been trying to help her. She has approached Principal Suit for help in obtaining a mentor. As of Friday, she was still waiting.

The school system has no use for older ATRs. We've all known that for some time. I'm sure the new Teaching Fellows never expected this kind of treatment.

[In case anyone thinks Mr. AP just does not like Teaching Fellows, think again. The Teaching Fellow he hired last year knows very little math. In fact, she was a Spanish major in college. But, she is in her 20's, pretty and belongs to the right ethnic group.]


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Why not bring South African style Aparthied back and make it official DOE policy!

Like Gloria Gaynor, Billy will survive.