Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sunny Days Ahead

It feels like a dark cloud has been lifted from over my head. No Suit around is one of the best thing that has happened in years. Now Suit never even so much as put a letter in my file but his presence was enough to to take away my sun.

This Halloween was the first Halloween I have actually enjoyed at school in years. Since Suit was such a "party animal" I rebelled by rejecting the holiday and everything it stood for. Not today. I even got in costume. Here I am.

Since I am always covered with chalk, I decided to wear black and go as a chalk board. The kids got a kick out of it and even added their own touches.

I had a great time photographing my students in their costumes. Luckily, I just finished as the new principal walked by and he saw me pushing them into class. I wish I did not have to cut the faces off of every picture. They were so cute.

Butterfly girl
The girl in pink had a great Pebbles Flintstones wig. The nurse looked more like a stripper.
Alcatraz escapee
The makeup on this kid was great. She made a mean Charlie Chaplain.

Aloha--I told her to show her outfit to Principal Hula.

This is another one with great make-up. She would have drove Mickey Mouse wild.

Too sexy to be a real nurse. I had to tell this one to zip it up.

Lady vampire

She said she was Juno (from the movie) but I renamed her Bristol Palin. She did not like the name.

This kid was a tellie tubie. Too bad I had to cut out his face.

Dorothy even had the ruby slippers.

The highlight of the day was this boy. He came in period 1, yelled "hi Ms. POd", danced around and left. He returned later in the day, posse in hand, with a boom box playing eerie music. While his buddies discounted my overhead and turned on the music, he danced around the room. The whole thing only lasted about 1 minute but I nearly peed laughing so hard. I heard the mask got confiscated later on in the day but he did get lots of use out of it first.

Days like these remind me of how much I love my job. Yesterday I was 99% positive that the end of my career was imminent. Today, I'm not so sure. I will really miss these kids when I go.


ChiTown Girl said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the day yesterday. I'm surprised that your students are allowed to dress up at their age. Here, most schools either don't allow any costumes, or they limit it to the primary grades. At our school, they expanded it this year to include pre-k to 5th, with the 6th-8th leading them in a Halloween Parade, complete with treat bags. But, it sounds like you had way more fun than I did yesterday!

17 (really 15) more years said...

Ours weren't allowed to dress up either- even the babies had to go home to get their costumes on for the parade. I have to tell you, it was a very unfestive Halloween in my school.

Pissedoffteacher said...

It really was a great day. Education went on as usual. I had perfect attendance in my first four classes. Kids worked like always.

My afternoon classes were lighter. Lots of those kids were picked up early by worried parents. But, the kids that came spent a few minutes taking pictures and then got down to work, better than they usually do.

Anonymous said...

I remember dressing up for Halloween in school. Glad my school didn't ban costumes.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

On November 6th I will be totally free of the turd of a principal that has attempted to put me on the unemployment line--simply because he had the power. I will not win my second U appeal because that's how Klein has set it up and my union has sold me out but I will never have to deal with the incompetent, venal, abusive and horrible man who ruined the school I worked in ever again in my life.

I forgot who said; "Men don't become tyrants in order to keep the cold winds out."

Anonymous said...

Halloween was also a fun time at my school until the principal said no more costumes and even made a teacher go home and change. The reason...she thought it took away from the school's annual Halloween party run by the parents association from 7-9pm. But that's baloney!!

This is the same principal who hates it when the circus visits our school and puts on a show with the 4th graders as performers. They actually train the kids to do circus routines. Hates anything fun in the school. She wanted to take away the fifth-grade Broadway trip, but the teachers fought her on that one. It has been a tradition in our school for so many years. But then, she doesn't really like kids.

It's the schools that ban all types of holidays and holiday decoration that I object to.

Congrats on having a Free Suit school.


Anonymous said...

I am happy to report that not only did large costumed children go from class to class at Packemin, but some of them actually took subject class costume!! I had a close encounter with a tall thin guy exquisitely decked out as the Joker from "Batman". It was an interesting moment or two, and a welcome departure from the humdrum of a typical day. I saw Dorothy and all 3 Teletubbies; it felt like a breath of fresh air wafting through the school. Creative energy and merriment were actually in the air on Friday. There was just one song missing. I don't think they played "Monster Mash" once that day. Perhaps that song is from what's now considered another era. Whatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?