Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No One Wanted To Believe This

This story mades me sick.

I just sent a letter to the newspaper and Obama expressing my thoughts.

Weingarten is really selling us out!


Anonymous said...

Golly!! I wish you had posted this yesterday because I spent part of my afternoon with the lady today.
You see, when you retire, the UFT gives you a luncheon at the Hilton.
But, you are forced to listen to the speeches.

Randi Dandy said that taxes would have to be raised and that retirees are so important. Why?? Because more retirees vote than in-service teachers for UFT leadership. And who do they vote for? Her Majesty of course.

When she mentioned Bloomie and made fun of his "third term", very few in the audience knew that she was instrumental in that decision since she refused to hold back Cope funds from those council members who took Bloomie's side.

She was also setting the stage for more givebacks without being too specific.

I have to tell you, the only people that applauded her were The Hacks, and they were all there including Leo, and maybe a few scattered teachers also applauded. But the majority of tables I was facing did not applaud. And I am sure as more and more teachers retire, they will see her for the opportunist she is.


Anonymous said...

Why can't we start a movement to impeach her?

Anonymous said...

I brought up the same subject today at lunch--we should impeach Randi, and start a campaign against her ASAP!!!!

Chaz said...

I'm all for impeaching her. However, she is leaving in June and appointing one of her flunkies as President of the UFT.

I should point out that the majority of retirees will always vote Unity and so do the Primary school teachers. It is a stacked deck.

Anonymous said...

I'll go one further.....indict her for racketeering and violating parts of the RICO act. What exactly is being done with our $90+ per month dues?

Anonymous said...

You know someone brought this up to me today in my department until the actual speech was presented to me it seemed bad, too. Read the actual speech and then be the judge http://aft.org/news/2008/NPC_speech.htm.

The press has quite a few liberties in interpretations.

Annette Laing said...

I spent 12 years in a Georgia university where they have merit pay. Needless to say, it rewards cronyism and sucking up both to administrators and stduents. Disturbingly, I got better student evaluations during the terms I taught *badly.* It often takes students time to appreciate that the challenging classes are the best, and that, of course, was never factored in. Of course, I was better off than you guys, because I didn't have to teach to an idiotic prescribed curriculum, too. I'm dismayed that Obama's considering this. I'll write, too.

Abstract Randomizer said...

Like the Georgia teacher said, I've been in Alberta for twenty years and have witnessed the most incredibly talentless and effortless teachers rewarded for no more than being popular with the students. One teacher (I can't call her a colleague because that implies that I consider her to be doing the same sort of job that I do) was given a $5000 award for teaching excellence in spite of the fact that every single one of her students required remedial English in the year following her so-called instruction.
If Obama considers merit pay, he'd better give his head a shake. Imagine merit pay for politicians. What kinds of rubrics would measure success in that field? Did you manage to avoid war? Have you made your voters happy? Is there a chicken in every pot?
The whole thing descends into satire so quickly one wonders how any sane person could consider it.