Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Children

I made the error of telling my children about this blog. Now they are regular readers. They even have an alert set up on their computers so they know when I post something new. I now have to be careful what I write. They told me I am a bitch because of some of the things I have written about my friends. Those things are basically true, but they are exaggerations. The people mentioned do not know this blog exists. My sister, knows about this blog, but could never find it. I refused to give her the address. I think I will set up a new blog, tell no one about it and then start writing some nasty stuff about my kids. My daughter has the kind of job that would enable her to find this new blog, so I won't say whether I am going to do it or not. She's probably too lazy to look for it anyways. (sorry daughter, but you know I write the truth about you.) If I do set up a new blog, I better find a way to keep it totally private. I'll keep writing here to throw my two offsprings off.

Actually, I am glad that my son is reading this. When he was in elementary school, he could not read to save his life. He scored 97% in math and 45% in reading. I had a reading tutor for him and tried to work with him all the time. Nothing worked. I never thought he would learn to read. I even had him specially tested. Basically the test showed that he couldn't read because he didn't want to. Hearing that, he started to read, but he only read menus (he liked to eat.) When he learned to read, I never thought he would actually read by choice. Now, he is finishing up his master's degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering, so I know he must read. I'm glad he is reading stuff for pleasure, even if it is just my blog on the internet.


Seth said...

The secret blog sounds nice... Thanks for the comment. I posted my thoughts as well.

jonathan said...

Hi kids!

Anyhow, if your new blog is secret, how will your regular readers find you? Maybe your new blog should not be secret, but sort of a public-ish decoy so that everyone will go there, and the rest of us can keep reading the real stuff here.

Pissed Off said...

I don't know how anyone will find it. I've already started writing some stuff on it. I guess it will be mostly for my release.

ms. whatsit said...

I'm with you on the secret blog thing. When you gotta write it, you gotta write it. It's not about anyone but yourself, and it doesn't make you a bitch for saying it. It just shows that you are human and vulnerable to the stuff that goes on around you. I would get into sooo much trouble if my writing habits were made public.

Perhaps you could leave a comment in your secret alias deep down on one of my early posts of my sercret alias blog sometime..... ;-)