Friday, August 17, 2007

Must Be A Generation Thing

My dad won't go out to dinner with a woman, because people might talk, or because she might expect something. "My boyfriend" worries that my husband might not understand when I give him a ride home from shul. I've never had a problem having male friends. We've gone out to dinner or just talked. We've been friends, nothing else. My husband does not care. Their wives, when they are married, do not care either. We are friends, that is all we are. My dad could have a lot more friends if he was not afraid of being friends with a woman. The women he knows are probably just as lonely as he is and would welcome a friend. He shouldn't worry about what people will say. People say to my new boyfriend "she is married." He really has nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong with me being friends with a man, especially a man 40 years older than me.


nbosch said...

I followed the story of your parents since last spring--did I mention to you that my 84 year old mother is engaged? She tells my two unmarried sons that there is still hope.

Pissed Off said...

Congrats to your whole family.

I have a 25 and a 26 year old. I don't know if there is hope for them. Thanks for your comment.

ms. whatsit said...

Your father sounds very sweet and honorable, despite his generational quirks