Sunday, August 19, 2007

Planned Day???

I got my husband to accompany me on a random day today. He claims it wasn't random (he's an engineer, he hates things unplanned) because we had a plan, but since we didn't stick to the plan, I say it was totally random.

To begin with, we were going to go the South Street Sea Port. As soon as we left the house, the weather turned cloudy so we decided to go to the American Museum of Natural History instead (change number one). We were going to park at the subway, but at the last minute decided to drive because traffic is light on Sundays during the summer and parking is not too bad either (change number two). Before we hit the museum, we hit a flea market on 77th and Columbus. No purchases, but I did meet a great young fashion designer who made her clothes from wet suit material. One of her coats and her flyer are pictured above (change number three). We did eventually get the museum and saw the new dinosaur exhibit and the gems before getting the "museum headache" and leaving. We then headed uptown (86th and Amsterdam) to the Popover Cafe for something to eat. Rachel Ray did a thing on them a few weeks and I ago and I wanted to try them out. Good stuff. I would recommend it highly.

The pictures aren't too great today, hopefully tomorrow's will be better. I'm meeting a friend to go to the Museum of Sex on 27th and 5th.

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