Saturday, August 04, 2007

Subway Evening

Posted above is the view from Jack's apartment.(Empire State building and the river.) Isn't it amazing? Poor Jack does not have a balcony, but his building comes with a roof top garden, open to all residents of the building. Enjoy the pictures taken from there.

Actually, I really like Jack and his mom and dad. After we saw the apartment, we took the subway, (yes, Jack and John do ride like the peasants) down to Canal St and had dinner in a great place--Cafe Napoli, on Mulberry St in Little Italy. It is amazing that people live in the apartments on top of these restaurants. It is noisy and bright until early morning. Most of the apartments are not air conditioned so the windows must remain open. I guess that is the price to pay to live in an up and coming area.

After dinner, we walked around, looked at bootleg D & G, Prada and Coach bags and then caught the subway back to Jack's apartment, where John had left his car. On the way to the apartment we stopped at the Grand Hyatt to use the bathroom (really nice one too) and passed some interesting buildings and the site of the big Con Edison explosion last week. In all, it was a great night.

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