Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Have A Boyfriend

(picture by fosta)

I have a boyfriend! Maybe it is wrong, but it feels so good. He flatters me. He is always telling me how beautiful I am, how young I look, how terrific I am. He says I am easy to talk to. He usually doesn't talk to married women, but with me, he just cannot resist. He is worried about my husband. He told me I shouldn't tell my husband about him.

I met my new boyfriend at services, one of the good that has come out of going to say Kaddish every night. Sol doesn't drive so I offered him a ride home tonight. We sat in front of his house and talked and talked. He told me his whole life story. Sol told me about his girl friend, Minnie, who talks way too much. He told me they have been dating for eight months and they only kiss hello and goodbye--that is as far as they go.

Sol does not have to worry about making my husband jealous. Sol first told me he was 85 years old but, I did some arithmetic-his age when he met his wife, the age of his oldest son, etc.. and conclude that Sol is at least 92 years old. I guess he thought I would only be interested in a younger man. My husband can accept my hanging out with a guy that age. I'm lucky, I'm not married to a jealous man.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

I'm sure Sol has a lot of wisdom and compassion to share--both in short supply in this world! I'm glad he found you--and that your husband is the accepting sort.

Anonymous said...

hi, a credit for using my illustration might have been nice.


Pissed Off said...

Sorry, credit added. I don't remember seeing a name when I found it. It is a great picture.