Friday, June 23, 2006

Top Ten Things to Wish I Wish For My Principal

10. A pimple on his butt.

9. Adult acne.

8. Explosive diarrhea.

7. His schools statistics .5 points lower than his competition so he will not have the "best" school in the city.

6. A school where all the teachers wear shorts and tee shirts.

5. A party where no one shows up.

4. Having his graduating data scrutinized by the New York Times.

3. Sex with the science chairthing.

2. A lost book of brain teasers.

And my number 1 wish:

1. A broken loudspeaker system so no one has to hear his voice or music again.

1 comment:

Pre-K Teacher Tracie said...

hahahahahahaha....hilarious..I feel the same way about a certain supervisor myself...hahahahhahahaha