Friday, June 16, 2006

A Tale of Twins

Twin boys attend my school. Both are good boys, polite, hardworking with good study habits. Two boys with learning disabilities. Their mother, a good woman, has fought to keep her sons out of meaningless special education classes. She tutored them and got them all sorts of extra help. She constantly came to school to find out how she could best help them. One was lucky. He always seemed to end up in classes with good, teachers, kind teachers, who knew he was bright and helped him overcome his learning disabilities. The other was not so lucky. Term after term he always had some hard nose who gave him a hard time and threatened his graduation. Mom was once again in school this morning, one week prior to graduation, trying to convince this semester's hardnose to give him a break. Two boys, similar intellects, similar work habits, taking identical subjects, perceived so differently by different teachers.

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