Sunday, June 18, 2006


I'm tired of people in private sector bitching about teacher's pensions. I just came from a wedding where I listened to the same thing over and over again. What all these people fail to realize is that the pension is just part of our salary. We agree to take a job, beneath our education and beneath our earning potential for many reasons. Why shouldn't we reap the rewards of a pension at the end of our careers. A teacher's education is equal to that of a lawyers, but we don't earn their salary. Many teachers have a far higher education than others who make more than us. Teachers take their income at the end. We work now for less and reap the rewards when we retire.


Miss Malarkey said...

I totally agree- I get SO incensed when people snipe about our pensions. I want to scream, "Moron, it's my money!"

The irony is, too, that I hear it from people who have perks that we will NEVER see as long as we're teachers. I know that the days of company matching 401ks are all but over, but plenty of people got to take advantage.

And they've never had to pay for their holiday party either.

Pissed Off said...

Don't forget expense accounts, frequent flyer miles not having to wait for the bell to ring to go to the bathroom.

NYC Educator said...

People seem to think that making things worse for teachers will somehow improve them for everyone else.