Friday, February 28, 2014

When Statistics Are All That Count

Mrs. Obsessed was worried about Nat.  The regents exam was just a few days away and she did not feel he was ready.  She asked him to stay late for extra help.  Mrs. Obsessed could not give Nat the undivided attention he needed so she asked Mrs. Kind to help.  Mrs. Kind sat with Nat and showed him different methods, explains fully as she went along.  Mrs. Obsessed overheard and said "don't bother explaining, just give him steps.  Nat is incapable of understanding.  He needs to learn by rote."  Mrs. Obsessed students passed the regents, her results were excellent.  Her statistics failed to show how little they actually knew.

Mrs. Obsessed is now a high school principal.  I fear for all the students in her charge she thinks are incapable of understanding and who are being pushed through without really being educated.


Anonymous said...

You don't want to know the number of students who are in this statistic and you KNOW how many supervisors are this principal!

raladnoj said...

In America, why should education be different from other institutions ? Corporate CEOs only care about dividends, not whether the corporation has future R&D in the pipeline or if their products are high quality? " CARPE DEUM and screw the corporate tomorrow. I want my bonus... NOW ! "

raladnoj said...

And Little Johnny learns that the ends justify the means, a fact of life in America and the way to win "friends" and make money, you know, the American definition of success. Good-bye tolegitimate comprehension, ethics, principles ( of course, princiPALS is a whole other story), and hello to the continued decay of the country.