Thursday, February 20, 2014

What Happens In A Certain NYC HS on Snow Days

E-mail from a teacher.  I am so glad to be away from this nonsense/

The APs  and Principal walked around on Thursday during the snow storm to see who was teaching.  Rumor is from now on teachers will formally be observed since they are entitled to at least 6 pop ins as part of the new evaluation system.  Then you ask why I am going.  It pays to fight the snow, parking and then be harrassed.  Also I wonder if a teacher has a coverage if that teacher can be observed, probably.

Instruction on a snow day
28Q505 | 2/13/2014 1:08:53 PM
On a snow stricken day with a little over 800 students in the building, what should be happening in the classroom?  Choose the best possible answer.
_____       a. One on one time can be utilized with students that are still struggling with skill deficits.
_____       b. Combining classes to promote data-driven tutoring across disciplines so that students can take advantage of the brain bank of one room.
_____       c. "Office Hours" type discussions with students about their goals, College aspirations, scholarship writing and or vocabulary words and key concepts found in exams like the S.A.T and A.C.T
_____       d. All of the above
Thank you for your efforts in making sure that whether there are two students or 34 students that instruction is still being capitalized. 
Respectfully submitted,
Instructional Core Team 

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Anonymous said...

This response seems to be more humble and with regret rather than arrogance. I admire a chancellor who wrongfully admits when they make mistakes and want to take back what they said.