Monday, February 03, 2014

Snow Cancels My Class

The college did not cancel classes tonight but I canceled mine.  I didn't want to go out in this weather. While we are lucky and our block gets plowed often, we are not so lucky because all the snow ends up in front of my driveway and I had my doubts about ever getting back in.  I did consider the bus, but it will be even colder and very icy later.  Some of my students live quite a distance and attendance would have been light.  I don't know how much teaching would have been done and I didn't feel right risking the safety of the die-hards who never stay home.

Working in the college is a delight.  A one-click system let me notify all my students and a secretary cheerfully answered the phone when I called in and told me I made a wise decision.

I am so happy not to be dealing with the DOE anymore. 


reality-based educator said...

Very nice. You were treated like a human being. I aspire to this kind of treatment some day. Will have to leave the DOE to get it, of course...

Tamar Flower said...

Smart choice. no use going out tonight, if it was not necessary.

I called the boss where I work before I left the house. He told me to not even bother coming in at all because the roads were bad. Another plus where I work.