Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Not A Good Principal

A good Principal works to create a pleasant environment for students and teachers.  Everyone does better when they are happy.  Teachers who are taken care of take better care of their students.  Yet, not all believe this.

When a Principal and an AP join forces to undermine the teachers in the school, they are working together to destroy morale and to bring the school down.  I never got to know the Principal of my first school, the one who came on board while I was on child care leave.   He realized the tenured 25-year AP was U-rating some good teachers and making life unbearable for others.  He joined forces with our UFT chapter leader and took control. He stopped the detrimental behavior instead of feeding into it.

And that my friends, is one of the things a good Principal does.  Too bad there are almost none of these around anymore.

Here is to another snowy day in paradise.  It is so good to not be a part of that craziness anymore.

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Tamar Flower said...

another good story for what a good principal does: not having judgment on a teacher who was previously U-rated/discontinued and instead of ignoring, supports and reiterates that the individual makes a fine teacher, through verbal and written recommendation.

Oh there are still some of those principals out there. I know of only 1. :)