Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Success Letter

 I got the following letter today from a student.  Statistically, she would count as a failure.  Read the letter.  I know I was a success.  Thankfully, the college does not only look at numbers.
Hi Professor 
You know what..it was my pleasure to be in your class but I am gonna drop it. I just cannot do it. I have been at the hospital all day with one of the  developmentally disabled individuals I work with all day because of a self injurious behavior.  I will start fresh next semester because for one this job is consuming me and I have not been focused due to the constant headache for little pay. My first priority is to transfer to a site closer to home (Westchester) so that I will be less stressed, followed by transferring to a school closer to me such as Lehman.  Thank you for your flexibility and little life lessons you have offered me. You're a wonderful teacher. I will find out withdrawal date so I can bring you the slip to sign. Hopefully by next semester I will have a better job and be in a new school closer to home.-June 

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