Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chihuahua's Lesson

It is June.  The pups must pass a paper training test in order to move on.  One little guy continually fails.  He just can't remember to go where he is supposed to go and he wets and defecates all over the place.  The chihuahua is not happy about this as the failing pup will hurt her statistics and keep her from moving ahead in the world.  But, chihuahua is not overly concerned.  She knows the little guy will have a chance to repeat the test in August.  

The little guy tries to master his paper training, but he just can't succeed.  In truth, he doesn't work that hard at it as he is easily distracted.  The chihuahua is not concerned.  She has found a way to get him to pass.  She has found a proctor who will put the little guy on his wee wee pad, sprinkle it with some urine and excrement and then quickly whisk him away, far away so he has no time to mess anywhere else.  The powers that be will be happy.  The little guy will pass.  He will now go out into the world and shit on anyone and everyone.

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Anonymous said...

The big problem is that the little guy will never learn how to pee!