Monday, November 04, 2013

New Blog

Blogging helped me cope with the emotions of teaching.  It was(and still is)  a way of getting it all out.  When my mom was dying, I started writing about all the things I was feeling.  For me, it was therapeutic.  I am now dealing with my dad's passing and trying to come to terms with all we went through these last six years when it was primarily just me and him, particularly these last few months as I watched his health steadily decline. 

Actually, I take that back.  I have been caring for my parents for years, worrying about how things would go since my mom was diagnosed with mylofibrosis about 5 years before she died.  It is strange not to be worrying about my parents anymore.  My fingers still itch to dial their phone and tell them about my latest bargain or to get a weather report from my dad.  I've started a new blog, I Miss My Dad.  I want to be able to write what I am feeling, share what I have learned about end life care and just vent.  The new blog will spare many from reading my sad tales.

I still plan to write here.  I have a few chihuahua stories to tell and lots of stories about Packemin and other schools.  No more Mr. AP stuff.  He came to my dad's funeral and to thank him I promise to never post anything that might make him look bad.

I would like to thank all my blogging buddies for their support and friendship. It is amazing how much the words of all you great people have helped.  And, I truly understand if you don't want to read the new blog.  I am mostly writing it for me.  I am selfish that way.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you found peace with Mr. AP.

I lost my dad first, my world was crushed...I was daddy's little girl. When mom passed the following year I felt alone and yes we are orphans! There would be no one to call when my children made their milestones; they would be no one for me to call when I needed emotional support.

Yes, we are alone. There will always be a disconnect with the one to hold on to.

Write, my dear friend, it does help and know that you always have a friend in me. Hey, I still owe you dinner and a beer!

burntoutteacher said...

All good writers write for themselves first. I am looking forward to this new blog. And thanks for making my last little bit of hell with the DoE so much more bearable knowing that I was not alone.

Anonymous said...

I like the new is nice to have another blog.. separate from this one... I also found through writing and blogging 3 years ago, that it helped me channel my emotions a lot because I was so angry inside.

Btw.. I too have been working on a new blog .I am still working on it before it goes up and running..