Friday, November 15, 2013

Caring Equals Success

When I walked into my Thursday evening class, I saw several students still working on an exam.  The teacher, who always vacates the room by 5:45 was still there at 6.  I told him I didn't mind if the students stayed and finished and told him I would leave the exams in his mail box.  He thanked me and said something I always felt.  "I teach kids math.  I know these kids have issues I never faced when I went to school-jobs and families.  They are out too often and have difficult times studying and doing homework.  I want them to succeed and am willing to do all to help.  I expect homework, but I accept it late.  I give them every chance but I don't give them anything for free."

I never spoke to this man except for a quick hello or goodbye before.  I realized at that minute I found a kindred spirit, someone who shared my values and feelings about education.

I know why the students I meet love the school so much.  While there are teachers than don't think like this guy, many of us do.  We might not ask the exact right questions in the exact right form, we might not get every student to speak in every class and at times, we might not use the best motivational question, but we have what it takes to get the kids to pass--we care.

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Anonymous said...

The mark of a true teacher.