Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Self Confidence


I had the pleasure of spending the day with a good friend and her beautiful 7 year old twins.  When we picked them up after school, she took the bus home with her little boy while her daughter and I opted to walk.

Jill grabbed my hand and started talking as we proceeded down Lexington Ave.  In fact, she talked non stop until we reached her apartment building.  She stopped at every store and admired the flashy, sequency clothes.  She told me about he golden retriever she is going to get when  she turns 12.  She told me about the city she is building--Jill Ville and how she is going to have a mansion in it just for her.  Her plan includes a bed with an open ceiling and an elevator to reach it, just for her.  When Jill stopped talking about her dream land, she reminded me about the clay she wants for her birthday.  She wants lots of it because she is going to create a sculpture that looks exactly like her.  She is going to be looking in a big mirror as she scupts so she won't make any mistakes.

When we got to her apartment she proudly pointed and exclaimed 9J, J for Jill.  I had to laugh.  This wonderful 7 year old girl loves herself and is full of self confidence.  He mom is doing a great job raising her.  She is as special as she believes she is.  Thsi lucky little girl is attending a private school where children, not testing is a priority.  Her school supports the self esteem her upbringing has given her.  Too bad everyone can't get what she is getting.

(Sorry, I don't fee comfortable sharingher beautiful face here so it is blurred.)

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ChiTown Girl said...

She sounds like an awesome little girl. You're right, her mom's doing a great job.