Thursday, February 21, 2013

Let's Send Everyone To College

Boy misses first night of class.
Shows up second night.
Shows up third night 10 minutes late.
Shows up fourth night on time.
Hands in an almost blank take-home exam on fifth night.
Gets 21 on in class exam, also on fifth night.
Shows up 6th night and tell professor he must leave for a family function, doesn't understand why she won't mark him present for class.  Promises to e-mail for assignment.
Day of 7th class professor is still looking for the e-mail

Boy is in pre-calculus.  You have to wonder how he made it this far, and more importantly, why is he even bothering.  Thankfully there is no VAM in college yet because the goats pictured above have equal chances of passing.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Sometimes Stud comes home with stories similar to this about people in his classes. He's astonished at how some of them act. Thank God I raised him to know there's something wrong with that, huh? ;-)