Sunday, October 09, 2011

Remembrance Of My Cooking

Only four of us for dinner but I spent the entire day cooking.  You would swear we were eating our last meal ever, not just for 25 hours.  Food goes to quickly so I needed pics to remind my family I do cook occassionally.  Not great, but posted here, anyway.

I know it is late but I still want to wish everyone a happy new year.  Hope your fast was an easy one.


Anonymous said...

hope yours and your family was very easy..

me, not so much...I spent the entire holiday in bed with some virus and 101 temperature...good news..I am starting to feel a bit better, think coherently and move around a little now..

Cara Boutkids said...

We had a fast fast (meaning, it went by fast!)& I also prepared a feast for just 4. But that was because, Sweet Girl Tracie, one of us who could not attend had what you had (hope you're well, now), & could not bring the other two people with him.

P.O.--your challah looks AWESOME!!! (mine looked anemic in comparison!)
L'shanah tova!

Pissed Off said...

I confess, I did not bake the challah.

Anonymous said...

P.O.-was that daughter who baked that? I know she is a fabulous chef.

Cara- Thank you...I am doing much better now..hope all is well and recovering in your family too.

Pissed Off said...

store bought--Aron's on Kissena Blvd