Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quote Of The Day

"Why did we go to high school anyway?  It didn't prepare us for anything.  They made us use calculators for everything."
The boy who made this comment is a graduate of one of the schools Bloomberg is closing down.  A bright kid who got no education thanks to his Principal's desire to try to keep the school afloat.

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Ms. Tsouris said...

Bloomberg is practicing the slash-and-burn policy of education. If a program works, get rid of it. If a school has troubled and at-risk kids, starve it and close it. Then send the same at-risk kids to a functioning high school in a middle class neighborhood, starve that school, load it up with the at-risk kids, take away honors programs, get rid of the college office, and then watch that school deteriorate. Welcome to the outer boroughs.