Monday, October 03, 2011

Not A Word To Be Taken Lightly

I had some free time after my morning class so I stayed around to hang out with a former colleague.  As we sat and laughed, she said, "Let's not lose touch with each other."  I told her that would never happen.  We both agreed we are friends We care about each other and always will.  We'll never be more than a phone call away.

Driving home I thought of all the other "friends" I've had that either retired long ago or are still at work.  Most of the retired ones are long forgotten.  Except for a few, the ones still at work don't miss me at all.  We were never really friends, just people who worked in the same place, who bonded over the same issues.  I don't mind and I am sure they don't either. 

I'll reserve the word friend for those special people in my life.  The others will be friendly acquaintances.

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