Monday, October 31, 2011


Bayside H.S. is on the list of schools who got A's.  I couldn't believe my eyes and read the article twice, to make sure I was seeing it  right.

Bayside is an A school if you consider a school that does away with a "Smart Program" without parent consultation a good school.  The parents and many several staff members believe this was done on purpose.  Perhaps the powers that be are looking to close Bayside down and are just building up ammunition.  Most of the money Bayside has to spend is being spent on the lower 1/3 of the school and the kids in the middle and top are being left to their own devices. Kids, with holes in their program (why should there be holes?) are shoved into any available class, sometimes even given two gym classes to fill the day. How can  Bayside HS be an A school when the school has no regards for the needs of its middle students?

These ratings are a joke.  Just ask the kids or their parents.  Who needs comedies in the movies and on television when we have these progress reports to keep us entertained?

I'll end here with a quote from someone with first hand information about that school.

Now, these youngsters [new teachers], who seem competent and idealistic, are stuck with this horrible fake system and still have real kids like mine to educate. I’m glad my son has only 2 more years. I feel his academic opportunities are lessened because of Bayside HS and the cuts and where they were made. The A is so fake because the intent is to make this school eventually fail by budget starvation. .. Please do a post/expose of all this diminishing of opportunities for middle class kids. I’m all for it….this A is just so much bullshit.


Dumbfounded said...

Not only did BHS do away with the SMART program, transforming it into an exclusively science/tech/math program but it apparently has done away with many AP courses and College Now courses. It is a mere shell of its former self (3years ago) before this present principal, also a handmaiden of Bloomberg's Department of "Education", did a hatchet job on the very academic programs that attracted decent, often neighborhood kids to BHS.

Schoolgal said...

Bloomberg loves to destroy what's working.

SUPPORT on FB has a story of a NH school--also excellent, but not by NCLB standards are forced to test prep. However one senior teachers refuses to do so, and her principal is backing her!!! (I suppose in some circles experience is still highly regarded)

Anonymous said...

and Cardozo missed being a C school by less than a 1% point. familys will stop sending their kids to 'Dozo and start sending them to BHS.