Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Bloomberg's World

This post can be about an AP in Bloomberg's world.  I am sure many readers will recognize their supervisor here, and that was the purpose of the writing--to expose the incompetents out there today.
1.  Attractive, young and straight out of the business world but didn't get accepted by TFA.  They must have seen something really bad inside.

2. After considerable effort, takes some courses on own, (credits bought and paid for not really earned I'm guessing) and finds a school, suckered by looks to provide job.

3.  Fails the licensing exam the first time but passes the second due to the help of a magnanimous colleague.

4.  Swears up and down the classroom is the only place to be and never stops downplaying love of children.

5.  Takes a dean's job as soon as possible to get out of the classroom.

6.  Takes a "buy a degree" graduate program in education, brags about never buying books and using papers friend's wrote.  Even has someone fraudulently sign off on field work.

7.  Applies for administration job running the school because knowledge of license area is extremely lacking.
Cries when that job is given to another.

8.  Finally gets that administrative job managing a department completely unfamiliar.  Has succeeded in escaping the sloathed students and in a position of great power.

Another nail in the coffin of education.


Ms. Tsouris said...

Hmmm......sounds all too familiar. Are there any small mammals involved?

Anonymous said...


NYC Educator said...

Clearly folks like you and I lack what it takes to achieve such lofty heights, what with writing our own papers, taking responsibility for our own errors, and having our word mean something.

What could we have been thinking?

Anonymous said...

Gets complaints as dean, fails to investigate said complaints, and sends the kids right back where they came from.

When confronted by those who made
complaints, stares like deer in headlights and offers no response whatsoever.

Gets an unexpected email from a colleague who was give the address by another colleague, complains about feeling "raped," then declines to be taken off said
email list.

Invents whatever excuse seems feasible at the moment, can't be bothered to remember it at the next, then says whatever seems convenient as new excuse.

Is severely hampered by those with more accurate memories. Tries hard to ignore such people.

Schoolgal said...

The Peter Principle lives!!!

Of course the Mr. Principal that hired her has also reached his height of incompetence.

Those who can, teach. Those that cannot run schools and departments.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a very popular post because of familarity of the AP.

What about the 2 year old temper tantrums that occur and then the next day apologies. These are signs of a well matured professional.

dog said...

How about the screaming in the hallway at a staff member 1/2 a minute late on a day of snow, ice and slush? How about the lies and the contriving of conversations with children that never actually occurred? The stuff that failure is made of......

Anonymous said...

WOW! Whoever this AP is they sure have a following!