Friday, February 18, 2011

Not A Warm Fuzzy

From our weekly newsletter:

Effective February 11, 2011, if per session time sheets are not submitted on time, it will lead to further disciplinary action such as, letter to file.

This is encouraging me NOT to do the peer tutoring I applied for.

Let's see.  I can make half the money I would make if I did the same job privately.  I can be subjected to extra paper work and now I can get a discipliary letter for submitting my time sheets late.  Isn't working for the DOE grand.


ChiTown Girl said...

Yep, that sounds about right... ;-)

Anonymous said...

weekly newsletters? wow, my school never even saw those where I used to work. We teachers were expected to be 'mind readers' in order to know what was going on school-wide.
This 'mind reader' method proved to be unsuccessful, so principal of course threatened to put letters in file.

However, this year, principal came up with a 'brilliant idea' to give each faculty member a flash drive and help them remember their due dates. Yet, the flash drive method also proved to be unsuccessful and principal actually started putting letters in files.

Funny, I thought a flash drive was a device for a computer to store information, not help teachers remember their due dates.

Anonymous said...

As long as teachers are given enough time to hand in paperwork, I think it's their responsibility to do so.
I know our payroll secty used to have to hound people for those reports while the rest of us filled them out the day they were due and left them on her desk. It's not rocket science. Those reports have to be submitted with the rest of the payroll by a certain date.

I know when I ran programs that needed forms returned, I must have given some teachers 2nd requests, 3rd requests, and more. Some people are just horrible with paperwork. Back in the day we had to fill out almost everything from attendance, to weekly attendance reports and discharged student's cum cards. I know I tried to be diligent because it didn't end there. Someone else had to take those forms and work with them. And as a teacher, I hated waiting for a new admit's cum card. I once had to explain to a new teacher that paperwork handed in on time was more important to the administration than other things. She was always late with everything.

Maybe the principal should have called these teachers into his office and warned them individually that a LIF will result instead of sending out such a memo because it does nothing for morale.

Anonymous said...

Also yelling at teachers for not handing in their due dates at morning exercises in front of the students and parents does nothing for morale. Not to mention, its extremely unprofessional.