Wednesday, February 02, 2011

But Schools Are Open

The Notification issued 2/2/11 at 5:55 AM. Due to the inclement weather conditions, including the Ice Storm Warning issued by the National Weather Service, all New Yorkers should exercise caution and allow extra time for travel. During the peak of the morning rush hour, roads and sidewalks may be slippery and dangerous. NYC public schools and government offices will be open. There may be mass transit delays. For the latest mass transit information visit:

I thought about going in.  I never take off.  But just walking out to get my newspaper convinced me to stay home.  The streets are sheets of ice.  There is no way to safely get to the bus stop although it is just across the street.  I worry about the block I have to walk from the bus to the school and the streets I have to cross.  I love my students but I love having intact limbs more.


Moriah said...

Teachers will be able to have a safe and healthy day.


Anonymous said...

Motivation: Teachers need delayed openings in order to get to their building without breaking any limbs. Making sure teachers are safe on their way to work will make the the teachers happy and pleased to work for the system.

Pissed Off said...

No one cares if teachers are happy.